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Donors & Embryos 

Herd improvements starts by making great cows! These donors have seen it all, and proven themselves as worthy of being flushed.  They all have daughters and sisters that are working not only in our program, but Angus programs around the country.  Our cow herd is built around functional and fertile cows… they have to improve foot and udder quality, and be easy fleshing in our fescue environment, and raise an above average calf every year.  When they check the boxes for us, we make them available to you!  Feel free to contact us about our donors, embryos, and cattle program anytime, and stop in to see the herd!

Hawk Angus Farms 1953 Hwy C Goodson, MO 65663

We offer embryos on the above listed Donors, Sexed Female and Conventional are available. Click on the Donors picture for more information. 

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